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Premium Spray Tan                     $46

VIP Spray Tan                $55

PH balance spray with a 3 min set in the Stand up

3 Premium Spray Tans                $120

Pre Tan Instructions

The night before your spray tan,

 shower, shave & exfoliate.

Stay away  from  product with any heavy oils as they will leave a residue on your skin which will affect your tan. 

Do not shower less than 2 hours before your spray tan appointment. 


Arrive to your appointment with clean un-moisturized skin and dark loose fitting clothing.






Post Tan Instructions


You should wait at least 12 hours for your first shower. At this time NO body wash. Just a rinse. 


Avoid shaving for at least 24 hours.

this should be easy as you just shaved before your appt.

Avoid the use of any exfoliating products as they will rub off your tan and we want to Maximize the longevity of your sun kissed look.


Moisturize daily to help lock in that 


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