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store policy


*For your first appointment at Tanning by Body Image please arrive 10 min early to fill out all your proper paper work and to have any of your questions addressed. 

*Any "no show" appointments will have the allotted time of appointment deducted from points, please make sure to call and cancel any appointments that you can not make.


* Tanning Oil is prohibited in the tanning beds as it wrecks the acrylics! If clients are found using tanning oils and/or have been told its not allowed and continue to use them they will banned from the salon. Any points on the account will be dissolved without any refund.



*First time lash clients my be required to leave a $100 non refundable deposit of which will be put towards your lash service.

*Any client who has less than 15 Lashes per eye at the time of fill will be charged the price of a Full Set. Please make arrangements to get regular fills by booking ahead and requesting an earlier appointment if experiencing heavy shed.

*Please have all eye makeup removed prior to appointment.




*All Sauna appointments need to be booked a minimum of 1 hour prior to use to ensure the ​​sauna has reached the appropriate temperature.

Store policies

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